WELCOME to the first electronic edition of one of Joseph Campbell's most popular works. A Joseph Campbell Companion: Reflections on the Art of Living has long been one of our favorite Campbell titles, and it is perennially one of this quotable man's most quoted. This book was drawn from transcripts of a month-long series of workshops that Joseph Campbell gave at the Esalen Institute in Big Sur, California in March, 1984—the year of his eightieth birthday. The idea for the book was conceived by workshop attendee Diane K. Osbon in 1990, some three years after Campbell died. The text was edited into its present form by longtime Campbell editor and JCF president Robert Walter. Filmed segments from this same month-long celebration of Campbell and his work are available in The Hero's Journey, which is available as partof the Collected Works of Joseph Cambpell series in both video and print formats. A Joseph Campbell Companion was originally published byHarperCollins in 1991. In addition to this edition, the book is currently available in a paperback edition published by Harper Perennial. This electronic edition was published in August, 2011. It contains the complete text of the original print edition, with some minor changes in style and spelling, except for an introduction to the print edition, which has been omitted.


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