The Breton linguist Mikael Madeg has found the Welsh language “very straightforward,” but noted that Scottish Gaelic is “quite another cup of tea:” “I gathered that the spelling of Scottish Gaelic simply came the way the language did, that is from Ireland. As in most countries, I suppose, the spoken language transformed itself and a variety of dialects emerged,  whereas the spelling, which was one of the signs of the learned minority, was far more conservative and soon fairly outdated. If we look at Scottish Gaelic (as it persists in Europe) then the language’s effective stronghold is  in the Western isles with almost half of the speakers there speaking Lewis Gaelic which has a strong Scandanavian flavour. The dialects that corresponded more closely to the written classical renderings just aren’tspoken any longer to any significant extent.”  **Interesting read on the Gaelic language, with spellings, phonetic pronunciations and common language variations from other dialects.


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A Glossary of Gaelic Magic