A GARDEN OF POMEGRANATES An Outline of the Qabalah By Israel Regardie WHAT IS THE TREE OF LIFE? It’s the ground plan of the Qabalistic system–a set of symbols used since ancient times to study the Universe. The Tree of Life is a geometric arrangement of ten sephiroth, or spheres, each of which is associated with a different archetypal idea, and 22 paths which connect the spheres. This system of primal correspondences has been found the most efficient plan ever devised to classify and organize the characteristics of the self. Israel Regardie has written one of the best and most lucid introductions to the Qabalah. A GARDEN OF POMEGRANATES combines Regardie’s own studies with his notes on the works of Aleister Crowley, A. E. Waites, Eliphas Levi and D.H. Lawrence. The many diagrams and tables of definitions and correspondences are designed to simplify the student’s grasp of the complex system and provide a guide to its symbolism. No longer is the wisdom of the Qabalah to be held secret! The needs of today place the burden of growth upon each and every person– each has to undertake the Path as his or her own responsibility, but every help is given in the most ancient and yet most modern teaching here to humankind.


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A Garden of Pomegranates - Israel Regardie