Wherein the Opinions of Bp. Warburton and Dr. Leland on This Subject, Are Particularly Considered To prevent or rectify mifiakes, I hall add, that the Pagan Theology prefents us with two forts of Deities, who had their original here below, and were advanced from the condition of mortality into Gods the one were denominated Dii majorum, the other D11 minorum, gentium. The firft, or the Celefiials, were not generally conceived to have been deceafed mortals, but originally beings of the higheft rank: and order, or true and real Gods in their own right, and not in virtue of any deification, which had mifed and exalted them to this Rate; foch were Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Vulcan, and many others. As for the Dii minorum gentium; thefe were known to be only deceafed mortals, deified for their public benefaétions and fervices: they were often called Heroes and Dzmons: they were held the proper objects of divine worlhip and adoration, but a worfilip and adoration far fubordinate and' inferior to that, which was paid to the fovereign and fupreme Gods, or the Diir majorum gentium.


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