First, It is taken for the Supreme Beings the Divinity itself O 0EOZ TO 0EION; this is evident from a Homer, Plato, Aristotle, and others. Hence it comes to pass, that the  Epithet  frequently signifies, among either before or after Death. Plutarch, lamblichns, Hierocles, and others, are very expressive in this Particular; but, as I profess mentioning only some of the most ancient Greek Authors at present, I shall here omit them. Tis observable, that those history honours the Men of the golden Age with the Title of Demons after their Deaths, yet he does this chiefly by way of Compliment to them, and in order to incite his Brother to imitate them by performing just and virtuous Actions ; and therefore no certain Conclufsion can be drawn from hence with regard to his real Opinion of the Nature of Demons. But whatever his Opinion of these Beings might be, whatever he might think of them, 'tis certain  he makes a distiction between the two.


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A Critical Dissertation Concerning the Words Dai’mon and Daimo’nion