Containing a Complete System of Genethliacal Astrology This volume originally appeared in two volumes, as "The Guide to Astrology, Vols. I. and II.," and were sold separately. They have now been rewritten, revised, and made into one volume, complete in itself, so far as the Astrological part of a Nativity is concerned. Information, not previously published by myself, on "Birthday Figures" and "Transits" is given, which the reader will find useful and reliable to a very large extent. The most unsatisfactory part of Astrology is that dealing with "Directions," or the "Calculation of Future Events." At present there is no system known that will give reliable results, but the method taught in this volume will be found to be more accurate than any other known system, yet even here there appears to be something lacking, some "missing link" which would explain why some directions fall out exactly and like a thunderclap, and others pass without any appreciable event. Why this is, no one can tell. Perhaps it is a wise provision of Providence that it is so, on account of the fear and dread of misfortune which seem inherent in the human heart. To know that certain death or misfortune awaited one at a certain time, would drive to madness or suicide a very large majority of the inhabitants of this earth; and in this way "True Astrology" would be a terrible scourge, compared with which, the bloodiest wars, or the greatest natural catastrophes would be as nought. All through the book I have done my best to make everything as simple and plain as possible, so that the youngest student, or most illiterate person can readily understand. 


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A Complete System Of Genethliacal Astrology