The season of Michaelmas reminds us of those beings who, created, as we are, immortal, like ourselves, sharing with us the attributes of in telligence, volition, and spiritual apprehension, are, unlike us, disembodied and invisible to the eyes of mortal sense, and so occupy an intermediate sphere between the Divine and the human. It has been truly said that the weak hold which the average man maintains upon the doctrine of the existence of Angels arises not so much from a difficulty of the reason as from a lack of the imagination. For surely when the microscope reveals to our gaze myriad forms of life, descending from man through countless gradations down to the protoplasm, reason should prepare us to believe in bridge over the void which separates imperfectman from God Almighty, All-good and All-intelligent. For why should we admit that nature below us teems with life and yet predicate an absolute blank between ourselves and God?


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A Book of Angels