Let’s face it: we are all over scheduled. Even children and teens need planners and calendar reminders to keep up with all the activities that are part of a modern busy life. Meanwhile, our devices are beeping, buzzing, and constantly reminding us of all we have to do. What’s a busy witch to do? I contend that magic is the ultimate self-help and is also wonderfully creative self-care. While there may not be quite as much time nowadays for daily spells and rites that last many hours—you can save those for high holidays, Full Moon festivals, and other group gatherings— you can lead just as magical a life with incantations and enchantments that match the pace of a twenty-first-century pagan lifestyle. Just 5 minutes of everyday magic can bring much meaning into your life, along with the enormous benefits of brighter health, greater prosperity, lasting love, good luck, and that sense of wholeness that can only come from a balance between your mind, body, and spirit. This book is very much a response to what I’ve been hearing from you,