Preparations. This part includes Fusion of the Five Elements andCosmic Fusion and, if time allows, Fusion of Eight Psychic Channels. It is important to cleanse and balance the negative emotions, develop the virtues, clear the thrusting channels and strengthen the belt routes as a preliminary procedure. At this stage, the pearl could be projected through the three planes (earth, human, heaven) also, although it is not obligatory because it could be done as an integral part of Greater Kan and Li proper. The essence of the practice is the establishment of the cauldron in the solar plexus and the birth of the soul and spirit (if it has not been done earlier in Fusion of the Five Elements). From the navel (in Lesser Kan and Li), we reestablish a new cauldron at the solar plexus, where most of Greater Kan and Li practice transpires. Othe rrelated practices, which occur in one form or another in Fusion of the Five Elements and Lesser Kan and Li, are: Self-Intercourse, Forming the Soul and Spirit Bodies, Astral Flight, Domestic Animals, Virgin and the Twelve Channels, Gathering the Pill, Closing the Meditation (Turning the Wheel of the Law), and Transferring the Consciousness to the Energy Body and the Spiritual Body.


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3rd Formula - Greater Kan & Li - Mantak Chia