Taoists regard the three largest known stars – Polaris (the North Star), Thuban, and Vega – as the collective center of our galaxy . The earth’s axis shifts toward a different one of these stars every 2,150 years as a result of the gravitational pull from the sun and moon. The axis currently tilts toward the North Star, which is therefore referred to as the Pole Star. In other words, if one were to observe the sky from the North Pole, the entire galaxy would appear to be moving around the North Star. As the earth’s axis is influenced by its mass, the North Star controls the earth’s energy fields, thereby affecting our health and emotional states. The three stars are known as the Violet Stars because they emanate violet rays throughout the galaxy, which affect every living cell of nature on our planet. Taoists believe that a human’s heart tilts 45 degrees toward the North Star, just as the earth tilts 23.5 degrees toward it to receive its energy. They also believe that every planet in the galaxy tilts toward these Violet Stars in the same way, and that the North Star is presently controlling them as well.


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2nd Formula - Lesser Kan & Li - Mantak Chia