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Freemasons - This grand Council must be Illuminated by only one Single Light, and is enlightened by one Divine Light; because there is but one Single Light that Shines amongst man, who have the happiness of going from darkness of Ignorance and of the vulgar prejudice, to follow the only Light that leads to the Celestial Truth. The light that Shines in our Council, is composed of a glass globe filled with water, and the light is placed behind it, therefore renders the light more clear through the glass of reflection – this globe when lighted is placed in the South. The Grand Master or Thrice Puissant is named Father Adam, is placed in the East, vested in a Robe of pale yellow, like the morning, his hat on – holding in his hand a Scepter on the top of which is a globe of gold, and the handle or Extremity of the Scepter, also gilded.


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