Occult - This publication first published in1905 Examines all facets of the Occult. The justification for the appearance of a magazine devoted tothe investigation of super-normal phenomena andthe study and discussion of psychological prob-lems has been put so well by Sir Oliver Lodge in the letter hewas good enough to write for publication in the first numberof the Occult Review , that I feel I cannot do better than quotethe letter on the first available page of the new venture in my own defence. In doing so I would deprecate on the part of readers and critics alike any premature condemnation of an attempt to deal on scientific lines with subjects which have fallen into disrepute through association with charlatantry, on the one hand, and through the long refusal of scientific minds to investigate the evidence on which they are based, on the other.


Letter from Sir Oliver Lodge to the Editor of the Occult Review. "In spite of the already too great number of magazines, there does appear to be an opening for a Review dealing with that obscure and nascent branch of science which is allied to observational and experimental psychology on its more abnormal and mystical side. There is a widespread though largely uninstructed interest in these subjects ; and in asmuch as the general bulk of the human race constitutes the sole laboratory in which the facts can be studied, it is desirable to maintain the interest and to record the facts with as much care and as little superstition as possible. It is also wel lthat the Public should become better educated in these matters, otherwise their experiences are apt to be regarded emotionally only, and as matters of special individual privilege, instead of also intellectually and as matters of general scientific interest. Hence, if a journal is started with this object in view, and if it is well edited and well managed, it may become a useful scientific instrument."  Oliver Lodge


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1905-1921 The Occult Review 34 Volumes