More or less remarkable moral transformations have been known to happen suddenly under various agencies,— generally spiritual, but sometimes merely physical. When the Christian religion is looked upon as its agency, the moral renovation is called conversion; but similar transformations take place outside of its pale, within spiritualistic circles and elsewhere.


Some of them partake almost of the miraculous by their suddenness and their depth ; they seem to reach down to the bottom of life, to transform the very foundations of character. And yet, despite the paramount, practical as well as theoretical, importance for humanity of some exact knowledge on the causes and conditions of these renovations, nothing very definite is known.


Imagine reading 100's of stories on physical transformation, or people who felt or heard something which proved to be true. How do we know these things? Psychial Research follows the stories of reincarnation, psychic abilities and other paranormal/supernatural happenings.


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1884-1922 Journal for Psychial Research / Paranormal Phenomena 20 vol