Angel derives from the Greek word aggelos, also the Latin word angelus, meaning “messenger.” Angels are spiritual beings who serve as intermediaries between God and human-kind. They were created by the divine, just as humans were created, but angels are not the same as humans. In service of the divine, they perform many tasks as messengers, guardians, and helpers between heaven and earth. The more you open your awareness to discovering who they are and why they are here, the more you can invite miracles of love, support, and spiritual sustenance into your life. A belief in angels means you never have to feel alone or abandoned. Angels make their presence known in many different ways, and if you detect an energy shift or strange scent, the likelihood of angel visitation is good. I hope you will use this book to discover other ways angels make their presence known, along with tips and strategies for summoning and working with these invisible helpers of God. These divine messengers are recognized by many of the great religious traditions of the world and they don’t just descend from up high for major world events or for births and deaths. They are available to assist you in having a healthier, more joyful and abundant life right now. If you would like to call on your angels, work with them to improve your life, and develop a lifelong relationship with them, read on.


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101 Ways to Meet Your Angels - Karen Paolino Correia