Crystals have always been regarded as a source of power—and as a gift from the gods. Impressive no matter what their size, gems hold an aura of mystery and authority. From prehistory to the present, gemstones have symbolized wealth and been accorded wondrous properties. The ancient texts that tell us so much about the power of stones had their origins in the Stone Age, a time when technology quite literally came from stones. Since that time, we have continued to harness their magical power. Each crystal has its own unique energy signature. These “templates of light”are encoded with all you need to activate your own power. The key is to find acrystal that is attuned to your own personal energy or that raises your energeticresonance to ensure well-being and expand your consciousness. Crystals are, for the most part, created by the Earth’s awesome power. Boiled, compressed, and excoriated, some were born of volcanoes, glaciers, earthquakes, and immense pressure; others dripped into being through osmosis, gas bubbles, and nature’s gentler forces. Some so-called crystals don’t actually have a crystalline structure. Amber, for instance, is fossilized tree resin, and volcanic Obsidian formed so fast it didn’thave time to crystallize. How a crystal forms affects how its power works. Those that grew slowly tend to emit their power gently; those that were on an accelerated path of growth blast their power out to the world. Paradoxically, some of the youngest geological stones have the highest vibrations and the greatest power to transform our world.


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101 Power Crystals - Judy Hall