This dream dictionary is very old. First published in 1901 and last updated in 1910, the field of psychiatry was still very young. Carl Jung was only 26 years old when this book was new. Sigmund Freud was 45 years old and had just published a work on dream interpretation. People at that time were interested in the occult, mediums, and various aspects of ʺthe other sideʺ. Jungʹs work with archetypes in later years changed the face of psychoanalysis. Archetypes, however, were ʺdiscoveredʺ by Jung, rather than invented. Therefore, the images stand the test of time. Only the social filter has changed. Enjoy this book. Treat it with the lightness you would bring to a game and dream interpretation will delight you with the depth of information you can gain about yourself. Finally, a word about page numbers. I’ve left the original pagination intact, knowing two things. First, all the page numbers are wrong. Simply a matter of formatting, page size and how that translates to the computer. In my mind, this is not a problem because secondly, this document is now totally searchable, because of the convenience of computers. Therefore, I didn’t reformat and repaginate. Let your computer do the searching. The book is in alphabetical order and is very easy to scroll through as well.


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10,000 Dreams Interpreted (New Version)