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Wicca, Pagans, Occult Symbols and Alchemy

Today's post is about several things, Alchemy, Symbols, Witch Trials, Wicca and Pagans. While the articles aren't long and elusive, they are good ones for adding to your Book of Shadows or just filing away for future reference. I hope you enjoy these. Blessed Be! Sacred Feather

A Brief History of Wicca
Download PDF • 58KB

A Short Guide to Occult Symbols
Download PDF • 72KB

A True Relation Of The Araignment Of Thirty Witches
Download PDF • 71KB

A.E. Waite - What is Alchemy_
Download PDF • 162KB

Alchemical Catechism
Download PDF • 107KB

Dance of the Witches
Download PDF • 23KB

Against the Neopagans
Download PDF • 25KB

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