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Welcome to A Witches BookShelf

“A Witches BookShelf” is a purveyor of fine Digital Books. We offer the convenience of shopping in the privacy of your own home and instant delivery.

Are you running out of space in your home? Bookshelves getting full? Don’t worry we can fix that.

Come on in and browse our digital bookstore, pour a brew and see what we have to offer. Take your shoes off, kick back and enjoy. Spend a little time. “A Witches BookShelf”, has a little bit of everything…from Alchemy to Zen…..witchcraft, Wicca, occult, cooking, crystal healing, natural medicine, herbology, history, fairy tales, biography, Christian, Book of Shadows, Grimoires, tarot, spell books, holiday books, astral travel, lucid dreaming, psychical research, perfume and incense making, even rare old and vintage books, and so much more!

Why was it named “A Witches BookShelf”? Well, if you have ever been in a witch’s house, you will see books and books and more books. Witches read everything, pro/con, black/white, up/down north/south, east/west and even sideways. Reading is knowledge and knowledge is power…. after all witches are always working on their powers. Witches just love books!

A cultivated mind that reads everything, will be well equipped to tackle any problem or subject that may come up. Reading keeps your mind alive. Reading takes you to other worlds without leaving home. What better way to spend an evening than completely immersed in a book taking you to a different country, or culture? Or how about whipping up some of that good homemade European chocolate from one of our cookbooks? Or making those tasting cakes? What about putting together an herbal remedy for your family? Learn to grow an herb garden on your front porch. There are over 4,000 books for you to choose from….(so far)… more are added daily. “A Witches BookShelf” prides itself on having something for everyone.

“A Witches BookShelf” has awesome low, low prices. Books can be read on cell phones, Kindle, notebooks, laptops and pcs. Take your book wherever you go. Read from anywhere.

Stop by and visit us today, sign up for our weekly newsletter, Win FREE BOOKS in our contests, check out our blog.

Owned and operated by a Senior Disabled Woman.

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