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Was Samhain Fun?

Hello All,

This is the time of year that kicks off lots of fun.....kicking through the fallen leaves, smelling the wood fires, Samhain parties, then Thanksgiving, then Yule.. so much packed into just a couple of months.....I do hope you are all enjoying this season....and the pumpkin pies.. hot spiced and friends. After all, isn't that is what its all about? And those of you that have no close family or friends, remember your family is right here!

Today I am offering several various books and papers.....please do enjoy!

Blessed Be

Sacred Feather

Lid off the Cauldron
Download PDF • 21.83MB

Glory of the World
Download PDF • 61KB

Kurlansky - Complete Idiot's Guide to Tantric Sex
Download PDF • 7.91MB

Wicca Little Book of Spells - Lisa Chamberlain
Download PDF • 432KB

Hypnotism Spells
Download PDF • 728KB

Goddess Spirituality in Feminism
Download PDF • 606KB

Download PDF • 58KB

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