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Tuesdays Offerings

Hello All!

I do hope this day finds you in a happy and smiley mood! I see the blue sky and sunshine, even though the snow is still on the ground. It's still cold here, getting up to about 38-40 some days but the nights are really cold.

I have rounded up a few new items you might find interesting. They are attached here. I do hope you enjoy the items I send weekly. I still try to get something for everyone's taste. If I keep going, soon everyone will have something to put into their Book of Shadows or Grimoire. Offerings are below as always.

Wishing you a bright and happy day!

Blessed Be

~Sacred Feather

Download PDF • 640KB

Reclaiming the Pagan Worldview
Download PDF • 24KB

Download PDF • 314KB

Beholders of Night
Download PDF • 21KB

Crystal Gazing - Spritual Clairvoyance - L. W. de Lawrence
Download PDF • 7.76MB

Recitations for Sabbats Esbats and Other Rituals
Download PDF • 403KB

Celtic Tree Calendar - Ravenfox
Download PDF • 73KB

Becoming Magic - Jaq Hawkins
Download PDF • 56KB

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