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Thunder and Lightning!

Hello Everyone!

I thought I better get this out now, between the power outages and internet outages. We have had some awesome thunder and lightning this last two days! I love it!

So for today's offerings another mixture of topics I hope all enjoy!

Blessed Be

~Sacred Feather

Download PDF • 4.19MB

Cycles of Chaos - Deconstructing Initiation
Download PDF • 31KB

D.W. Owens - A Small Dictionary Of Pagan Gods and Goddess
Download PDF • 271KB

Napoleon Hill - Think And Grow Rich
Download PDF • 1.03MB

Golden Tractate Of Hermes Trismegistus
Download PDF • 26KB

Essent_into Essence
Download PDF • 12KB

OpenCourt - Mithras and Christmas
Download PDF • 292KB

Reclaiming the Pagan Worldview
Download PDF • 24KB

Satanic Grimoire of Black Magick
Download PDF • 276KB

Download PDF • 124KB

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