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This Weeks Info!

Hello All!

I do hope you are having a blessed day! Super cold here now, 28 degrees! BRRR! Winter is upon us and what a better time to read and work on your occult skills.

Here are today's offerings- Something for every one!


Blessed Be

~Sacred Feather

Download PDF • 138KB

Pagan Spells Mix of Spells 2
Download PDF • 154KB

Pagan Spells Mix of Spells 1
Download PDF • 152KB

Golden Chain and the Lonely Road
Download PDF • 56KB

Invocation of the Adversary
Download PDF • 9KB

Alchemical Meditation
Download PDF • 77KB

A Jewish Charm for Memory - Gideon Bohak
Download PDF • 166KB

Download PDF • 17KB

153 Chymical aphorisms
Download PDF • 44KB

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