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This Weeks' Book Choices

Hello Everyone!

Sorry I am so late getting this weeks blog and books out, seems today went by like 'whoosh'! Anyhow please forgive me?! And please check out our Youtube channel for some fun videos!

Today's offerings are varied as usual.. so I do hope you all enjoy!!

Blessed Be!

Sacred Feather

Nine Proven Magical Rites
Download PDF • 544KB

Little Book Of Witchcraft
Download PDF • 1.16MB

The Alchemical Catechism
Download PDF • 77KB

The Arte Of Drawing Spirits Into Crystals
Download PDF • 147KB

The 161 Laws of Wicca
Download PDF • 84KB

The Pathway to Cosmic Consciousness and Ascension
Download PDF • 234KB

The Pagan Book of Words - Prayers, Chants, and Rhymes
Download PDF • 96KB

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