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The5 Minute Guide to Self-Love

Updated: Dec 11, 2021

Self-love is the foundation of confidence and well-being. Everybody

needs to love themselves in order to move forward. Unfortunately,

nobody has any idea how to do this. The problem is compounded

by the fact that modern society is actually geared towards

programming people to be unhappy. We are taught to put

on makeup and cologne because that is what will make other

people like us. This is the opposite of the truth, and the more inauthentic

a person is, the less he will be genuinely liked.

How to Find Self-Love

For many, finding the ‘self’ and finding self-love are one and the

same. Because we can only love ourselves when we finally find

out who we are. To do this, we need to rid ourselves of societal

programming. If you are asking what this is, the answer is that it is

pretty much everything. Most people grow up in a certain environment,

adopt the values of their tribe/society, and view anybody

outside of their tribe as foreign and alien.

To download the complete 10 page book, click below- Enjoy! Blessed Be!

Download PDF • 224KB

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