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The First Skiff of Snow

Hello Everyone!

With our first skiff of snow coming yesterday, the mountains are all dusted white, and our fields were white here and there. The mountains are going to get snow this weekend, and although we are the highest town in Oregon at 4,801 feet (we are almost a mile high) we won't get any on valley floor quite yet. The mountains that ridge our valley are getting white.

So, the wood is in and ready for winter, we always get about 10 cord and no we do not cut fresh trees, fresh trees wouldn't be good enough to burn for another year or more - too wet. We cut the windfalls and dead trees, and luckily our wood cutting is less than 5 miles from us.

I so love our woodstove, when the power goes out, I can still cook and do a pot of coffee, plus it keeps our home so toasty.

This is the time of year, I love to curl up and read. I seem to have plenty of books, it is just choosing which ones! I usually read 2 or 3 at a time and since I am an avid reader I can finish them in a week..... Or I do a few crafts or's just a time of being tucked in, and relaxing... what do you do on cold wet days?

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Blessed Be All

Sacred Feather

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