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Tarot, Djinn and Alchemy!

Hello All!

I hope you all are surviving the heat! We are doing well, our days are beautiful and not too hot.

Today I have a mixture of several writings for you. Something for everyone I hope! From Tarot, to Wicca to Sorcery to Alchemy!


Blessed Be

~Sacred Feather

Lucid Dreaming - Tony Crisp
Download PDF • 364KB

Luciferian Sorcery
Download PDF • 611KB

Magical Use of Voice - Phil Hine
Download PDF • 39KB

Book 1 of Wicca
Download PDF • 256KB

Book 2 of Wicca
Download PDF • 159KB

Djinn and Channeling-pdf
Download PDF • 38KB

Download PDF • 15KB

Alchemical Writings
Download PDF • 202KB

Download PDF • 52KB

Alchemical Tradition
Download PDF • 45KB

Download PDF • 82KB

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