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Sorry I am late...

Hello All,

I am so sorry I am late with my postings and offerings. Please send a heartfelt prayer as my hubby is fighting lung cancer and things have been hectic.

Its still cold here, snowing in the mountains, but staying about -13 at night. We got up to bikini weather yesterday.... lol 41 out.

Today's offerings are a wild range of things, I just let the mouse do the choosing. I have over 500 items to go through and send, so it's sometimes daunting on what to send!! I hope you find some enjoyment out of these. Have a beautiful day!

Blessed Be

~Sacred Feather

The True Story of A Vampire
Download PDF • 1.67MB

The True Grimoire
Download PDF • 321KB

The Tibetan book of the Dead T Leary
Download PDF • 269KB

The Treasure of Treasures For Alchemists - Paracelsus
Download PDF • 100KB

The Tincture of the Philosophers - Paracelsus
Download PDF • 73KB

The Thunder Ceremony of the Pawnee - R Linton (1922)
Download PDF • 992KB

The Theatre Of Magick
Download PDF • 295KB

The Supernatural - L Abbot
Download PDF • 378KB

The Templar Orders in Freemasonry
Download PDF • 106KB

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