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Self Love ~ Self Care

In today's busy world, we are taking care of our job, child, partner, business, animals, parents, grandparents, anyone but ourselves. IF we don't take care of ourselves, how can we take care of anyone or anything else? Self Love and Self Care starts with you....JUST YOU. And NO! That is not being selfish, it is being prudent and wise. For we must be in optimal mental and emotional form, not to mention physical, in order to function properly. I have put together a few nice things to help you on your way to emotional self love and care. Please Enjoy!

Start with a nice relaxing bath.. yes guys too! There is nothing wrong with a bubble bath... or a detoxing bath. First gather some candles, some rose quartz if you have some, place them around the bathroom. Start by filling your tub, for a nice detoxing and relaxing bath, with 1/2 cup Epsom salts, 1/2 cup baking soda, and 1/2 cup borax (you can leave out the borax if you don't have any, it is used for detoxing metals out of your system.) Use any fragrance of essential oil that puts you in the zone... run the bathtub full of nice warm almost hot water. Light the candles, turn off any lights, and jump in. Stay at least 20 mins in a good soak. Yes you may turn to a "prune" but that is what you want to do.... that means all the toxins are out. Then jump on over to

Here you will find the MOST Luxuriously made bath and skin care items around! Created and developed by my witchy friend Lenore. She has foaming sugar scrubs, whipped body cream, bath gels, bath salts, bar soaps and even jewelry. You can pick from an array of luscious smelling scents too! Hop on over, bookmark her page and enjoy!

Now that you are totally relaxed go check out Laurie's video, another Witchy friend, video found here:

Subscribe to her channel to be filled with the most delightful videos ever!

After that, would you like a little gift for yourself? Nothing wrong with giving yourself a present. Check out

Here you will find some proprietary oil blends, incenses, mystery boxes, workbooks to tune into your inner self, and so much more!! You can even join an online coven while you are at it..!!

And today I am giving you a book off my website.. to help you along the journey.. you can download it here:

Taking care of ourselves is so important, and with the crazy chaos of our world, we need to find ourselves, and just relax.....

Hope you enjoyed this today and I sincerely hope you will take time for yourself.. you deserve it!

Blessed Be

Sacred Feather

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