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Power and Magick

Hello Dear Ones,

I do hope you are all doing well, even with the events of Mother Earth's power being shown all over the globe. In Magick we learn to harness some of that power for our needs. I have included today several papers which include wisdom to be gained. Each week I try to send things so it appeasing in some way everyone's appetite. Please Enjoy Them - I am sending you blessings for the forth coming week. Blessed Be, Sacred Feather

Incubi and Succubi
Download PDF • 18KB

Book of Doom
Download PDF • 72KB

Asatru The Nordic Subtradition of the Verbena
Download PDF • 516KB

Alchemy Overview
Download PDF • 162KB

Bhairava - The Wrathful
Download PDF • 25KB

Art Almadel of Solomon
Download PDF • 96KB

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