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Pain Relief with Mugwort

Hello All!

I wanted to share with you Mugwort Salve.

I have excruciating nerve pain throughout my body. My Doctor said the only relief they have found was morphine. I said no way, I get so sick with it. She gave me several different topical prescriptions, which didn't offer any relief other than reduced some swelling.

So I went on the hunt for the best herbal topical pain relief. It is Mugwort. Believe me! IT WORKS!

It feels warm going on, and within moment pain is leaving. My housekeeper has carpal tunnel and she tried it and was totally amazed how it worked. So, Here is my recipe for it:

In a One Quart Jar, fill it 1/2 full with mugwort, you don't have to press it down. Then, cover to the very top with grape seed oil, screw the lid on tight and shake hard. Keep it in a dark place and shake daily for 3 weeks.

When 3 weeks are up, strain it over a saucepan. I use Cheese cloth, but you can use a mesh strainer just as easily, make sure to squeeze all the good ingredients out.

Now add equal amount of coconut oil to the pan with the mugwort oil. Warm it slightly and keep stirring until the coconut oil is all melted in. You can add any kind of essential oil at this time. Now pour it into a clean Quart jar, put in the fridge. It will set up hard.

I took mine out of the fridge, and keep it at room temperature on my nightstand. When I get pain, I put a liberal amount on and rub it in good. It will have a warm sensation immediately. It won't stain clothing, makes your skin soft and smells good as well-especially if you use your favorite essential oil. It works on menstrual cramps, leg cramps, arthritis, and any other body soreness or cramping you get.

Let me know if you try this,

Blessed Be!

~Sacred Feather

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