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Need Yule Present Ideas?

Hello Everyone!

Thanksgiving is over and now we know Yule is coming. Do you need Yule present ideas? Two of my wonderful Witchy Friends have shops with awesome things for loved ones. I would like to introduce you to Fae Bella, where you can get handcrafted luxury bath products and they smell sooooooo good and leave your skin feeling soft. Take a look and enjoy her jewelry, paintings, and of course her bath products! Here is her site:

Then we have The Eclectic Green Witchery, a sister who owns a wonderful shop PLUS runs an online coven and Witchy Forum. Check up on the goodies you can buy for yourself or your Witchy friends.You will love her mystery boxes, oils, incenses and altar tools. Join the Coven and Forum and learn soooooo many new itchy things!! So much fun at this site:

I buy from both of these shops and have never ever been disappointed! Try them out!

I hope your are good and stuffed from Thanksgiving, if you celebrate it, or just had a nice day!

Blessed Be as the wheel of life turns once again to the Yule Season. ~ Sacred Feather

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