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My Favorite Shops

Updated: Dec 11, 2021

I thought I would like to share with you, some of my very favorite go to shops. These are people tried, trusted and true and in many cases friends. Please visit and shops and browse around, you won't be disappointed! Blessed Be

The Eclectic Green Witchery is owned by my friend Laurie. She developed my website, banner and the video on my website. In her shop you will find Mystery Boxes, Theme Curated Boxes, Oils, Altar Tools, Crystals, Incense, Salves and more. She also runs the Earth Spirit Coven and you can join from there. The coven has Zoom meetings, exchanges ideas, has many Book of Shadows pages, and a forum. She gives so much time to everyone! She also has a YouTube channel and has videos on Meditation, Oils, Blessings, Solstice Celebrations and much, much more.

Here is her website and here is her YouTube Channel

Do browse the shop and check out her channel, you won't be disappointed.

Her Huntress is owned by Toni who is a crystal grid expert. She designs her line of Crystal Grid Cloths and Boards which, in most cases, you can get the complete kit comprising of the grid and stones you need for your intended grid work. She is also an artist and sells her work in her Etsy shop as well as having a YouTube Channel that teaches about crystals, their properties and how to grid, opens crystal boxes and art boxes. I have learned so much from her, and purchased some beautiful grids and crystals for my intended needs. If you are interested in crystal grids, how to set them up and use them, then Toni's shop and YouTube is for you.

Here is her shop and here is her YouTube Channel

Fae Bella is owned by Lenore, who is a scent expert. She developed the most sensual Foaming Sugar Scrubs, Whipped Body Cream, Body Fragrance Mist, Solid Perfumes and Bath/Shower Gels all in a multitude of scents. Pure Self Love for yourself or get for a friend! She has a scent sure to delight anyone. I can just smell them while reading the lists! She also makes jewelry such as Bracelets, Necklaces and Earrings. She will soon be adding some of her personal artwork.

Here is her shop

Tibet Tree of Life Gifts is an Esty Specialty Shop. All your essentials for mindfulness & life balance needs. They carry Incense, ooo la la I love it! Singing Bowls, Wisdom Wall Decor, Beaded Purses, Pashminas, Yak Wool Scarves, Mala Beads, and Clothing. You know I want everything! Such a fun shop. Check it out,

Here is their shop

Morgana Magic Spell is your go to place for

beautifully designed digital downloads for your Book of Shadows or Grimoire. She does an exquisite job of designing and once you visit I am sure you will agree! Choose from Spells, Oil and Potion Recipes, Gods and Goddesses, Fairies, Rituals, Handfasting Certificates, Coloring Pages, Banners for Sabbats, Tarot Spreads, and soooo much more, pages and pages of goodies. She has her Etsy Shop plus Her Website.

Here is her Etsy Shop and here is her website Do pay a visit!

EXITOOOskincare is owned by Lee. Because Lee suffered from Eczema and other products just didn't do the trick, she developed her own line of Shampoos, Conditioners, Soap Bars, and Body Lotions and Milks totally geared to the person who needs skincare help. She has since added Bath Bombs, Candles, Solid Perfumes. All of her products are wonderful for dandruff, and dry skin for sensitive people. Do take a look at what all Lee has to offer!

Here shop is

Nic Phillips Sacred Art is owned and operated by Nic Phillips who is a wonderful Artist. He specializes in Sacred Art that you can easily get in Pendants, Prints or Cards. Some of his items are Isis, Kali, Rhiannon, St. Muerte, Goddess Danu, Archangels, Bastet, Celtic, Brigid and More. It's like browsing through an Art Museum. He also takes special requests, just contact him. Do go browse the Shop! Here is his shop

The Magick Cabinet is a Pagan Viking Witchcraft Supply Shop. She carries Loki Oil, Odin and Thor Oils as well as Incenses and Resins geared to the Viking Way. Her specialty Incense Resins of Freya and Ragnarok, are especially awesome. She also has resin and incense kits for the Gods, and carries some jewelry, and crystals. She has her own line of perfumes as well. Do pay her a visit here

Mystic Magic is an Ebay shop, that I have purchased a lot of items from, mainly her Altar Kits. Whether you are a new practitioner, or a seasoned one, you can get some delightful Altar Kits from her. I like to change things a lot, so it is a convenient way to purchase a whole new altar setup. If you are new everything from the Candle Holders, Candles, Herbs, Spell Book, Offering bowl and more come in these kits usually with a box to store it all in. Most have a theme such as Dragons, Elephants, Owls, The Sea, etc. Do stop by and visit her shop, she puts up new kits frequently.

Here is her shop

I hope you have enjoyed my shopping experience and you can make it yours! Blessed Be

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