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My Bone Casting Set

This is my small bones, bone casting set. I have a larger one I am still adding to and working with. This will not be the mat I use, I have ordered a goat skin to use for casting. I will be working with this set daily...not throwing yet...but to feel what each piece means. The larger bone in the center will always be me, the little people ones will be family, the others I will feel what they mean. Then when I get my mat, I will draw 2 circles in the middle of it...the middle circle will mean the most, the 2nd outer circle is negligible, but can be read if necessary, anything out side that is taken away and discounted. There will be N,E,S, and W on the mat, that will determine different areas of life, such as family, health, finances, etc. After a few months I will start casting. My bones will reside in the little blue box, and when I put my bones away, they will be fed tobacco, mugwort and be periodically watered and smudged. You may cast with other people, but solitarily is best unless you are casting for someone. That is due to the energies of others getting crossed.

~Sacred Feather

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