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More New Books and Pages for You!

Hello All!

Hope this day finds you in good shape and great spirits. After it snowing 2 days ago, we woke up to rain and lots of it. I noticed the reservoirs are starting to fill up and after these droughts, we sure need it. Nothing seems to be budding yet, so I suppose we will have a late spring. What better to do than to curl up tucked inside with some good reading?? Oh and a good cup of hot coffee or tea?

I have been plowing through all this paperwork to find good things to send to you, I do hope you are finding things you like, learn from and can use. So, I will just sip on my hot cup of coffee of fresh ground beans and see what we have here today!


Blessed Be

~Sacred Feather

New Mind Power Secret
Download PDF • 15KB

The Traditional Craft
Download PDF • 140KB

Viking Magick Chants
Download PDF • 66KB

William Lilly's History
Download PDF • 440KB

Witch Bottles
Download PDF • 17KB

Witch Way
Download PDF • 501KB

XXXI Hymns To The Star Goddess - Frater Achad
Download PDF • 113KB

Within The Temple Of Isis
Download PDF • 4.72MB

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