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Lovely Items for ALL of You!

Hello All!

This pic above just makes me think of being all tucked in a warm house and reading a favorite book. We got snow - AGAIN! - Highly unusual for this time of year, so I have been reading. Oh the things you learn reading amazes me to no end! I so love books and just reading stuff! Don't you? This morning I printed out our covens BOS....and put it in a 3 ring binder. (You can easily join our online coven, it is so much fun to be with like minded individuals!) just run on over there and take a look

So again as usual, today's offerings are just a myriad of wonderful topics - 9 in all!!! Enjoy!

Blessed Be

~Sacred Feather

The Enochian Calls (Alternative)
Download PDF • 89KB

The Cipher Manuscript Known as Necronomicon - Al Azif
Download PDF • 420KB

The Dragon Ritual
Download PDF • 102KB

The Book Of Werewolves - S Baring-Gould
Download PDF • 739KB

History of Wicca in England 1939 to Present Day - Julia Phillips
Download PDF • 89KB

Grand Grimoire
Download PDF • 863KB

Gender Roles in Wiccan Ritual
Download PDF • 3.01MB

Grimoire of Chaos Magick - Julian Wilde
Download PDF • 85KB

100 of the Greatest Love Spells
Download PDF • 462KB

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