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Life in Bloom

Hello All!

Ah what a beautiful day here! We have things in bloom, and everything is doing as Mother Nature Intended. Remember she has her reasons for change.....

Want you to know we have a New Forum, where you can ask questions, post pictures and learn.

It would be lovely if everyone got involved, just think of all the things we could learn!

We also have a phone app, so you can see all easily on your cell. It's called Spaces by Wix.

Don't forget to view, like, comment and subscribe to our YouTube.

We also opened a fun shop where you can buy T shirts, mugs, stickers, mouse pads and more! I will be adding more and more designs as time goes on.

Remember we have over 5,000 books for you to choose from, just go to the collections list and find something you are interested in.

You can also join Earth Spirit Coven

Buy Crystals

And Purchase Altar Supplies

Want some good Witchy Indulgence? Try all made by a witch for your life!

Well my Dears, here is today's offerings! Hope you should enjoy the information given!

Blessed Be

~Sacred Feather

A Lucid Description of the Stone
Download PDF • 32KB

Book of Cain
Download PDF • 329KB

Book of Shadows
Download PDF • 314KB

Chaos Magick - Occult Piracy and Psychic Terrorism
Download PDF • 15KB

Chaos Theory And The Evolution of Mind And Consciousness
Download PDF • 1.27MB

Christine Payne Towler - The Continental Tarots
Download PDF • 301KB

Crystal-Gazing & Spiritual Clairvoyance - L W De Laurence (1916)
Download PDF • 5.33MB

Covenant of Samyaza
Download PDF • 17KB

Cultus Sabbati
Download PDF • 16KB

The Basics of Magick-K. Amber
Download PDF • 92KB

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