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Lazy Summer Day

Hello All!

I hope today finds you content and in great spirits!

Do you like to curl up and read outside? Do you have a favorite place to do so?

I am working on mine, have a place in my yard that would be perfect!

The days here are warm and breezy, just perfect.

Today's offerings as usual are a mixture of topics, something for everyone! Be sure to click READ MORE to download your items.

Please subscribe to my YouTube channel for more learning content.

Also, check out Altar Supplies and Crystals on our site. Soon more goodies will be coming to join those. You can even join an online Coven here!

Blessed Be!

~Sacred Feather

The Basics of Magick-K. Amber
Download PDF • 92KB

Liber Azazel
Download PDF • 216KB

Gnosis- Inside Outside Upside Down
Download PDF • 81KB

Fr Nigris - Liber Conjunctus
Download PDF • 33KB

A.E. Waite - Great Symbols of Tarot
Download PDF • 82KB

Djinn Ritual
Download PDF • 232KB

A Lucid Description of the Stone
Download PDF • 32KB

Chaos Magick - Occult Piracy and Psychic Terrorism
Download PDF • 15KB

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