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Jaq Hawkins

Updated: Apr 10, 2022

Hello All,

This is a redo of the posting for 3/1.

I posted samples of the author Jaq Hawkins' work so you can put in your BOS or Grimoire as well as get some general knowledge. I forgot to tell you that you can get the books on her website as well as on Amazon, Thriftbooks, and Good Reads. Some books come on Audible as well. She has a LOT of books on different subjects.

So Enjoy!

Blessed Be

~Sacred Feather

Hawkins, Jaq - When Does a Child Become a Non-Initiate
Download PDF • 49KB

Hawkins, Jaq - What Do We Teach the Children
Download PDF • 56KB

Hawkins, Jaq - Walking in Space
Download PDF • 53KB

Hawkins, Jaq - The Real Meaning of Initiations
Download PDF • 50KB

Hawkins, Jaq - The Cauldron of Subservience
Download PDF • 82KB

Hawkins, Jaq - Testing Limitations
Download PDF • 59KB

Hawkins, Jaq - Practical Cursing-A Magician's View
Download PDF • 57KB

Hawkins, Jaq - Elemental Chaos
Download PDF • 53KB

Hawkins, Jaq - Journey into Darkness
Download PDF • 54KB

Hawkins, Jaq - Defining Chaos
Download PDF • 100KB

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