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Invocations and Prayers to The Goddess

Updated: May 7, 2021

When studying the Old Gods, remember the Wiccan saying: All Gods are one God; all

Goddesses are one Goddess, and together they are one.

This does not mean that Pagans believe or see God as the Christians, but they (Wiccans)

acknowledge there is one Prime Creative Source of power that brought everything into being in the beginning of all things. Scientist call this the Big Bang theory.

Invocation is an important part of the ritual. You can use what I have listed here or be

spontaneous with your words. Feel free to rewrite these words to your liking. We can't all be the same =) Most of these are taken from Scott Cunningham books.

Crescent one of starry skies

Flowered One of the fertile plain

Flowing One of the oceans sighs

Blessed One of the gentle rain

Hear my chant tonight/today

Open me to your mystic light

Waken me to your silver tones

Be with me in my sacred rite!

Download the rest of the book below - Enjoy!

Invocations and Prayers
Download PDF • 18KB

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