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How to Walk Through the Bookstore

It's easy to do a walk through in the shop! When you first go to SHOP, you will see the latest books at the top. Here you can sort by A-Z, Z-A, Newest, Lower Price or Higher Price.

There is now a new search at the top that will be shown on each page. Here you can search by Title, Author, Partial Title, Partial Author. On the left hand side going down the page are Collections or Categories of Books, I put as many as I can, if I did all - the list would be so long it would boggle the mind! So I tried to put them in categories that included what is talked about in the books. Simply click on the Collection and it will pull up all the books in that "department". You can use the sort or find - the same as on the first page. If you get to the bottom and don't want to scroll all the way up again, just click "Itsy Bitsy Spider" on the lower left and it will zoom you to the top.. and he is FAST!

If there are books that you want and you don't find them, contact me and ask me, I might still have them on my desk and they are not yet uploaded.

Have a Blessed Day! May your smiles be bright!

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