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How Does This Day Find You?

Hello All!

Sorry this newsletter is is like a river, with its twists and turns and occasional rapids. This week has been hectic, hubby in the hospital, and doctors visits and more, so please forgive me for a late newsletter.

I hope you are all finally enjoying Spring! It's been totally beautiful here these last few days, seems we went from Winter to Summer and forgot

I hope you find something in this weeks offerings that you will enjoy!

Blessed Be

~Sacred Feather

Primary Directions in Astrology Made Easy - Sepharial
Download PDF • 296KB

Preface of Signatures - O Croll
Download PDF • 84KB

Pocket Guide To Witchcraft
Download PDF • 9KB

Phil Hine - Analytic Techniques for Sorcery Interventions
Download PDF • 107KB

Download PDF • 50KB

Download PDF • 596KB

Myth of the Burning Times
Download PDF • 43KB

Magic Plants - M J H Heucher
Download PDF • 647KB

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