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History of Crystal Healing

Updated: May 7, 2021

Imagine the wonderment of primitive man or woman stumbling across a uniquely shaped, brilliantly colored, crystal among a vast expanse of amorphous, grew rock. Would it be any surprise if that person attributed mystical powers to it? Fundamental human instinct is for survival and to avoid trouble , from which spring countless taboos and superstitions. Many minerals have served to protect and appease spirits throughout history and have been made into talismans.

Pictures on cave walls and clay earns show and illustrate stone use as weapons, adornments and healing tools. Historically, crystals have underpinned human development economically, technologically, and culturally. The importance of crystals links all civilizations across space and time. Until the current age of credit and hidden assets, crystals were portable forms of wealth and status. We continue to construct roads and buildings using crystalline material such as granite and marble; concrete's rigidity and quick -setting properties depend on crystals growth. And cultures as far back as pre-dynastic Egypt have used jewelry to celebrate human individuality. Many pictures of the ancient leaders or priests showed them wearing stone, mineral, and crystals all over their bodies... A walking stone layout, good idea.

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History of Crystal Healing
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