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Goodies for March 9th

Hello All!

Curl up and grab a hot cuppa.. whatever your fav drink is. Still time to stay in where it's warm and take in some new knowledge.

How is everyone doing? I hope just fine and dandy. Things are a little hectic here, Hubby getting ready for it's been a drain. I am sorry I am late with this weeks offerings, but I finally made it!!

Still blowing and snowing here. One day nice and warm and sunny, the next freezing, then snowing.....mother nature is sure confused!! LOL

Been working on some new videos for my Obscure Gods and Goddess series, make sure to go on over to my Youtube channel, like, comment and subscribe so you won't miss out.

Anyhow, here are today's offerings.. hope you enjoy them!

Blessed Be

~Sacred Feather

Fortune Telling By Tea Leaves - A Highland Seer
Download PDF • 249KB

Finnish Magic and the Old Gods
Download PDF • 138KB

European Witchcraft
Download PDF • 6.39MB

Fians, Fairies & Picts - D MacGregor
Download PDF • 3.45MB

Fairies - G M Faulding
Download PDF • 2.57MB

Everybody's Astrology - M Jensen
Download PDF • 2.48MB

Feng Sui - E Eitel
Download PDF • 213KB

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