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Fix Your Life Now Using Petroglyph Talismans

Fix Your Life Now Using Petroglyph Talismans

by Jim Fallon

Most issues on one’s life are the result of being out of attunement with one of the seven

principles. If you look at the meanings of the seven principles and their life areas, and

mark a “X” on one of the principles that seems to have been a running theme all your life.

The principle with the most “x’s will be the principle that if you balance it, Make a

talisman for it, most of your life difficulties will be brought into balance and harmony.

In many different religious and spiritual methodologies, some form of a talisman was

used to help the seeker maintain their focus and intent either on a spiritual of area of life

issue or situation. Talismans are commonly thought of to have some magical power, to

either bring the seeker good luck or protection, manifesting or resolving a situation. It is

used as a symbol to help the seeker focus their intent on an issue, concept or situation.

Talismans were based upon the Elemental Forces or principles to bring oneself into

harmony with those forces.

Talisman is something, maybe a drawing, perhaps an object, which when held in the

hand/ownership of and by you, will, through innate powers vested in the Talismanic

object, bring certain specialized “results” to you.

Talisman made with the general purpose/intention of enabling you to, say, have more

interest in your profession will, when properly made, “work”

and be fairly easy and simple to make.

A Talisman is any kind of a physical object which possesses “Magical Powers” to bring

about certain desired physical happenings. Talismans for your use are to be made by you

– YOU. No one can make a Talisman for you.

There are many ways as to how to use Talismans, but the simplest answer is: USE

THEM: LOOK AT THEM and mentally demand they work. Actually the way Talismans


Even to the very early cave man, the fact that mankind was connected to Magic

operations and to Magic pictures, designs, and objects drawn on cave walls or on

mountains which clearly were Talismans. This is the magical effect of symbols upon the


The very earliest of men, the “cave men,” drew/painted pictures on the sides of caves,

which pictures were connected with their hunting operations; some of these operations

regarding food supply and survival of the tribe. These are magical symbols (petroglyphs)

carved for magical purposes.

When you create a Talisman for a certain purpose, what you are doing fundamentally is

attaching a piece of the Aka to the talismanic object and

causing a current of the Aka to flow toward the talismanic object and, as you are wearing

or possessing the Talisman, from the talismanic object into your aura, which will strongly

incline circumstances, desired circumstances, to come about, “dreams to come true,” and

you have your life the way you’d like it to be.

For example, say you have always had issues with feeling burdened by everything

relating to your career, say issues with boss’s or organizations, or just never felt that you

were not on the right direction in your life. This is Kala. Make the talisman for Kala, and

simply hold it in your hand as you are doing piko piko, from the navel to the talisman in

your hand, thinking about all that Kala principle symbolizes. It is not the talisman for

Kala that possesses the power, but it is invoking the powers that you already possess.

Also while doing the piko piko and holding the talisman in your hang, you could recall

moments in your life when you experienced the attribute that you wish the talisman to

represent for you.

Say you were going on a new job interview. Just before the interview, you could hold the

talisman in your hand and recall those times in your life where interviews you had went

well and you “got” the job.

The easiest why after making a talisman is to “charge” the talisman using the Dynamind

technique, using the symkey method.

You could also ask your talisman for advise, simply holding it in your hand, or picture it

in your mind’s eye, ask a question, then just wait for any return thought or feeling you get

as an answer. That process is called “Thought Language, asking a question, and then

awaiting an answer by a return thought.

Expanded Huna principles with Life areas:

Ike: Awareness (Knowledge/ unawareness)

Life areas:

Prayers answered. Achieving higher goals. Self assessment. Pride and courage. Spirit.

Long-distance travel, higher education, and foreign culture and countries

Kala: Freedom (Release)/restrictions

Life areas:

Helps release the old (relationships, problems) life.

career. Power to change negative thoughts.

Strong determination.


Strength in starting new endeavors, lives, and new careers.

Helps you change your life when the one you have is not working.

Confinement, fears, and building foundations, whether these are foundations of buildings,

organizations or friendships. Career or ambition--the pinnacle of what you are trying to

accomplish consciously or unconsciously in this incarnation. The boss.

Makia: confusion/ focus

Life Areas:

Determination, strength, endurance, patience, persistence. Turning within to improve

inner spirit. Brethren, neighbors, short journeys

Health and job.

Manawa: Presence (Purpose) weakness/energy

Life areas:

Good Luck. Abundance. Strength. Strength to face problems. Protection from anything or

anyone trying to harm you.

Mystical, Visionary, Compassionate, escapist (withdrawing from situations…that is were

the weakness comes from)

Aloha: Love (Compassion)/ anger or lack of motivation

Life areas:

Manifestation and creativity . Resourcefulness, protectiveness, being resourceful. Allows

you to reach your destination in life regardless of the path you have chosen. Your

possessions. Your money. Financial. Children, romance, pleasure, creativity

Partnerships, personal and business-wise

Mana: Power (Ability)/fear

Life Areas:

Healing/ removing illness ( mental, physical spiritual). Spiritual strength. Conquer

physical problems. Be self reliant. Self advancement. Introspection. Bringing order to

your life.

Your personality. Mystical teachings. Legal matters. The money of others.

Pono: flexibility, optimism/ doubt

Life Areas:

Ability to learn and teach easily. Communicate. Strong determination ( helps you stick

with what you want to accomplish). Thoughtful to others.

The family. Endings. Mother. Food, nourishment. Family life, home environment, the

home itself .

Additional symbols:



There are many ways to make a talisman. One simple way is to get a semi

precious stone of the color needed, then cut out one of the colored glyphs for the

principles included here, and use Dynamind to charge the Talisman.

Contact to receive a printable original copy of this which includes the pictures of the talismans indicated in this article. Put Talisman in header it will be immediately emailed to you.

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