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Dream Magic

Dream Magick

"Dreams are the source of creativity. They are expressions of experiences that are seeking to become real. When you practice dream magick, you do not just focus on what your dreams mean, you use magickal techniques, in the context of your dreams, to help them come to fruition."

Dream Magick - basics/definitions

Every spell and ritual involves three basic steps. First, you set your expectation, then you fill it with your desire, and finally you merge with the divine, to help your goal or desire to become a reality. 1. Expectation – Having a clear image of the outcome you desire and then setting the stage for this outcome to occur. Knowing what you want 2. Desire – How much you want something to happen. Use all of your senses, to see it, feel it, taste it, smell it, hear it, and intuit it. Be passionate! 3. Merging – Once you build your desire while doing a magical work and it reaches the point where you feel you are about to burst with energy, the time has come to merge with your goal. When you merge, you become one with divine energy, whatever name you give it.

Dream Magic Altar

This is the magickal working surface that holds your tools, components, and other items you will use in magick making. It can be any sturdy surface even a bedside table, but it should be in the north quarter as the north quarter is the realm of midnight, deities, dreams and magick.

Astral Dream Magic Altar This altar is fueled with your imagination and thus remains unhampered by physical laws. This is the place where you enter, connect and depart from the dream world.

Dream Guardians

Like the traditional Watchtowers and four Wards, which are the lesser Goddesses and Gods who watch over the corners of the sacred circle. These deities can be very helpful during magick-making. They weave a protective shield around your circle. These dream guardians are ancient beings who protect you during night spells and rituals by standing guard at the four corners of your sacred dream circle. The difference between these Dream Guardians and traditional Watchtowers is that they not only stand guard while you are making magick, they also specifically watch over and protect you during sleep and dream. These watchful guardians were originally the lesser Goddesses and Gods who were to watch over Earth and all the celestial realms. A different dream guardian rules and guards each gate or portal of the four elemental directions leading to the Otherworld.

Dream Magick - Preparation


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Dream Magick
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