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Complete Book of Shadows and More!

Hello All!

Today again is a cold and crisp day, the sun is shining but the snow is so frozen and hanging on. I hope all of you are staying warm!

Today's offering is a complete Book of Shadows. Printed in only black and white, and can be easily printed for your own books. Make just one from this or add to yours! Also I have included a few other items, for your enjoyment.

Have a Blessed Day!

~Sacred Feather

Here is the url for the Book of Shadows - copy and paste in your browser or simply click here.

This is a large file of documents.

Fr Choronzon - Liber Cyber
Download PDF • 503KB

Fr Choronzon - Erotognosis
Download PDF • 16KB

Fr Choronzon - Chaos Astrology
Download PDF • 43KB

Basilius - Twelve Keys
Download PDF • 78KB

Fr AshT-Chozar-Ssaratu - Cthulhuoid Copulations
Download PDF • 21KB

Fr Apfelmann - Blackout And Sigils
Download PDF • 55KB

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