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Cold Day! New Books!

Hello All!,

Oh boy its cold outside! We had a blizzard for a couple of days, cleared off, but only 20 degrees out. What a great day to curl up with hot spiced cider and just read! I am sorting books again! LOL soon I will be uploaded more.. there are 3,000 here to plow through, (pardon the snow pun!) Be sure to click the links below to retrieve your books! Remember I try to put out a little something for everyone - an assorted amount of different views, thinking and styles of magick. You can easily copy and paste and put into your own fonts, and put in your Grimoire for future reference.

Blessed Be!

Sacred Feather

The Library Of Knowledge - Occult Magic
Download PDF • 598KB

Six Ways of Knowledge
Download PDF • 20KB

Seeds of the World Tree
Download PDF • 1.04MB

Norse magic
Download PDF • 66KB

Perform a Ritual Toasting
Download PDF • 10KB

Meaning Of Alchemy
Download PDF • 162KB

Mantras for Astral Projection
Download PDF • 52KB

Herbs and Their Magical Properties
Download PDF • 34KB

Blackout and Sigils
Download PDF • 21KB

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