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Books and Papers for 2/21 Offerings

Hello All!

Hope this day finds a smile on your face. Currently it is 11 degrees out, we got a small sprinkling of snow last night, then rain, then the cold, cold, cold... Hard to imagine Spring is around the corner.

Today's offerings of books and papers are as usual, a little mix of things. I hope you enjoy them and are having fun adding to your knowledge base!

I have also posted on downloading and in a blog, how to load books on your KINDLE. You can add all kinds of files to your Kindle easily!

I am doing a series on my Youtube channel on Obscure Gods and Goddesses. Hope you go and subscribe, like and hit the bell so you don't miss out.

Anyhow, below are your weekly offerings!


Blessed Be

~Sacred Feather

Witchcraft & Medicine
Download PDF • 1.24MB

witchcraft belief and realities
Download PDF • 661KB

Witchcraft a Guide to Magic
Download PDF • 741KB

Wilson, Robert Anton - The Illuminati Papers
Download PDF • 34KB

witchcraft and the techno world
Download PDF • 152KB

The Pathway to Cosmic Consciousness and Ascension
Download PDF • 234KB

The Pagan Book of Words
Download PDF • 93KB

A True Relation Of The Araignment Of Thirty Witches
Download PDF • 71KB

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