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Blessed New Year's Books

Hello All!

Ah! - a Blessed New Year.. brr its been cold and lots of snow here. About 10" that froze solid and -12 nights! Ah well - it is Winter! So for today's goodies, I am offering a myriad of things.. hope to please every taste. Be sure to visit our Youtube as well, have a lot of awesome videos coming out!

I do hope you enjoy these goodies, I am working on a myriad of pages for your spell books, so watch closely!

Blessed Be

~Sacred Feather

Calling to the First of Witch Blood
Download PDF • 5KB

Chaldean Oracles
Download PDF • 97KB

Synopsis of Witchcraft
Download PDF • 4.07MB

Origina of the Name Oghams - Ogma
Download PDF • 124KB

The Golden Essence
Download PDF • 129KB

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