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Awesome Witchyness!

Hello All!

Do you need items for your practice? We now have a Witchy Shopping Page where you can get Altar Supplies, Crystals, Mouse pads, pillows, t shirts and even luxury bath products all owned and operated by Witches for Witches! Take a look, its right here:

***If you have a shop you would like to add here, contact me

We also have a forum to ask questions, post pictures and more. Check it out and join in!

Want to join an online coven and get great training? Go here:

Want to learn about Obscure Gods and Goddesses? Check out and subscribe to my YouTube channel here:

I uploaded another 7 videos today and believe me, I am learning just by reading and putting them together for you.

Hope you all have a beautiful blessed day!

~Sacred Feather

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